Journal of Infrastructure Policy and Management (JIPM), aims to bring together multidisciplinary practitioners, policymakers and academic thinkers to address key issues related to private participation in the development of public infrastructure in Indonesia. The topics covered by the journal focus on infrastructure provision for public services from the point of view of multidisciplinary disciplines such as fiscal policy, law and regulation, economic and finance, engineering, social and other related disciplines.

JIPM is a double-blind review scientific journal, published by PT Penjaminan Infrastruktur Indonesia (Persero). The printed version of JIPM was first launched on July 2018.

ISSN : 2599-1086   |   E-ISSN : 2656-1778 

Journal of Infrastructure Policy and Management (JIPM) Vol.3, No.1 | 2020


Cash Waqf Optimization as a Means of Social Financing for State Infrastructure Development

Tika Widiastuti, Muhamad Nafik Hadi Ryandono, Imron Mawardi, Wisudanto Wisudanto, Muhammad Ubaidillah Al Mustofa (Author)

views: 194 | downloads: 194


Public-Private Partnership Investment Principles and Model for Improving The Development of Maritimetary Infrastucture

Mas Rahmah, Ratna Wahyu Kartika Sari, Asih Saraswati, Rahmania Fatimah (Author)

views: 103 | downloads: 88


Development of Ex-Ante Analysis Method on Socio-Economic Impact of Infrastructure Project

Hengki Purwoto, Rachmawan Budhiarto, Derajad Sulistyo Widhyharto, Juhri Iwan Agriawan, Dwi Ardianta Kurniawan, Joewono Soemardjito, Hafid Lastito, Jagad Hidayat Jati, Dwi Novitasari (Author)

views: 250 | downloads: 158


Road Safety for Persons with Disabilities in Palembang

Nurussama Nurussama, Rizki Fitri Amalia (Author)

views: 76 | downloads: 46


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