Hengki Purwoto* Adi Heru Sutomo Derajad Sulistyo Widhyharto Dwi Ardianta Kurniawan, Joewono Soemardjito Hafid Lastito Jagad Hidayat Jati


The government through the Indonesia Infrastructure Guarantee Fund (IIGF) wants to ensure that all infrastructure projects with the scheme of public-private-partnerships (PPP) can provide positive economic and social impacts on the community. Therefore, this research was conducted to develop a model for analyzing the economic and social impacts of PPP infrastructure projects. The analytical method used a quantitative approach to measure economic impacts, both direct and indirect, while the social impact analysis used a qualitative approach. Research focused on 4 PPP infrastructure projects as the study cases. This study used attributes: (1) cost savings, (2) saving time value, and (3) employment absorption in the related sector as an indicator of direct economic impact measurement, while indirect impact used attributes: (1) benefit multiplier effects economy, and (2) the multiplier effect on employment in other sectors. The measurement of social impact used social index developed to find out how the response of the community towards the PPP infrastructure project development plan. The research indicated that the higher the investment of the project the higher of economic impact. The response of the community to the PPP project plan provided a positive tendency.

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economic and social impact, infrastructure, public-private-partnership

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